Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Advertising Pays - MAP 2.0 Launch

Hello Dear All ,
MAP's business Now in version 2.0 and in V2.0 have some changes,

This post is a good tool to use to help newcomers also and understand how our business works.

The person that wrote this post is Mike Deese
. This is the original unedited post. Enjoy!

There have been some changes with 2.0 and we will outline those below;
  • Memberships are now sold on a monthly basis. Your referral commission percentage is no longer attached to whichever membership you have. The only thing which determines which membership you should purchase is the number of Active Credit Packs you have. Everyone will receive 10/5% referral commissions across the board! What this means is that everyone will receive 10% commissions on external purchases (through processor) and purchases made with Account Balance funds will award the sponsor with 5% commission.
  • The site is absolutely free to join and zero cost to those with less than 14 credit packs which means its much easier to get interested parties started!
  • If you purchased a Membership within the last 30 days, you will get 30 days free with 2.0. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a Membership upon login to start earning profit share.
  • MAX CP’s are now 1000. Along with this change, the price is €49.99 and they return €55 over time (based on profits of course). You get to keep 100% of your referral commissions and PS earnings as there is no longer a 5% deduction for Adfund! The product remains unchanged for now. So for those of you with 1200, you will have to let your CP’s expire down to 1000 and withdraw your earnings!
  • As mentioned above, the Adfund balance program is terminated in 2.0. Any Adfunds will be gone upon launch.
  • Per new bank requirements, there will be a 30 day hold on new earnings, profit share or commissions, before they can be withdrawn. As 30 days passes by, those funds will be released into an Available Account Balance. However, you will be able to use those funds to purchase products whenever you like. This 30 day hold protects us from refunds and the like and is a non-negotiable term of the processing banks. So existing members will have three balances> 1) USD Balance > This can be withdrawn OR used to purchase product. If you purchase product, your funds will be exchanged to EURO during the checkout process at our bank rate. 2) Euro ON HOLD Balance> This is where earned Profit Share or Commissions will reside for 30 days on hold. You can make purchases with this money but not withdrawals. 3) Available Euro Balance> These are funds that have been released (held for 30 days) and are available for withdrawal.
  • Banner advertising is sold on a PPC (pay per click) basis and we have internal fraud mechanisms that know when the click is fake so you will only be charged for real clicks. GEO targeting for banners is now available!
  • We now have an Internal Support System and all new support requests will be handled internally and attached to your MAP profile.
  • Many new products and games to be added this year!
  • You can now legally bring on up to two members of the same household without having to worry about having your account terminated. There will be a family signup link in your backoffice. When they sign up via this link, they will go under you and their purchases will not pay commissions, but they will receive profit share. This ensures there is no referral commission fraud (stacking) and ensures your account remains in good standing with us. Anyone currently violating our referral policy will be caught in the new system!
  • You can, for a yet undetermined amount of time still withdraw USD from your account. As the USD is released from our banks, USD accounts will be settled. You will also be able to make purchases with your USD. At checkout, it will be converted into Euro at our bank rate.
  • Old USD credit packs will expire at the normal USD numbers while newly purchased Euro credit packs will expire at €55.
  • VX is adding many new funding options!
  • A new card is being added to VX soon that can be used to fund AND to withdraw!
  • You will also be able to convert your USD into Euro through VX’s platform.
  • If you have any questions, please pay attention to the prompts and messages on your screen to learn about the new program!

Here are a bunch of screenshots of the new site :). We think everyone will be pleased with this new platform that’s built for the future!


Here are some shots of the inside;

Internal Support Desk Prompts

Much more detailed and downloadable transaction history;

We cant wait for everyone to login and have a look around! This platform is stunning in every way! Our in-house designers and programming team have delivered on a truly phenomenal product!

Upon login, everyone will have to agree to our new Affiliate Agreement to continue into the program. These new terms reflect our new program and are based on EU law. Our attorneys have assured us with these new terms we are effectively one of the most legally sound websites in Europe! We are posting those here for you now so you can familiarize yourself with them over the weekend so you can simply agree upon login and start exploring. We are including this document in English and German and also our updated Income Disclosure

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